Cancellations and returns cost us money and ultimately increase the price for everyone in the community by an exponential amount. In order to keep our costs as low as possible and pass the savings on to you, we adhere to the following policies:


  • If you would like to cancel the purchase of a beer, respond within 3 days of confirmation (confirmation email for email requests, confirmation screen on the app after clicking GET IT) for a full refund. Orders can be cancelled up to 3 days at no extra cost.
  • Orders beyond 3 days of confirmation cannot be refunded unless under extenuating circumstances, such as moving outside of our service area before your orders ship. In these cases, cancelled orders will only be refunded 50%.
  • In the event an account with a crate due to ship does not have a valid payment method on file for longer than one month, the crate will be canceled without refund. Notices will be sent twice a week leading up to the crate's pending cancellation.


  • If the shipment has been damaged please email ASAP so we can resolve the problem to your satisfaction.